This one-on-one assistance offered by a specialized counselor helps students deal with personal difficulties.




Coaching is a technique aimed at making students accountable for their learning process and preparing them for the demands of the workplace.

Students are provided with tools to help them reach their objectives. They are given the feedback they need in order to make necessary adjustments which enable them to reach their goals.

Coaching is a collaborative partnership helping students to:  

  • establish their objectives;
  • set priorities according to the importance given to their goals;
  • create a timeline for the changes they want to make;
  • stay on track through scheduled coaching sessions;
  • remain focused and committed to the desired results.

Coaching method


Coaching provides students with insight and guidance on how to make the changes they want. It is a personalized approach that takes the form of one on one meeting lasting no longer than 50 minutes. The frequency of these meetings is determined according to the issue raised, the students’ availability and their willingness to undertake the recommended process . The different tools used in Coaching are based on active listening, and the use of questions and reformulation. The confidence established between the student and coach is essential to reaching the desired objectives.

Learning is a process that requires your positive, active participation. Be proactive and reap the benefits of this choice !

Getting well equipped to succeed

Coaching helps students:

  • build their self-confidence;
  • evaluate the impact of their decisions;
  • learn to settle differences in a non-stressful way;
  • become aware of what negatively impacts their motivation;
  • recognize their strengths and their skills;
  • develop their competencies;
  • communicate with clarity and precision;
  • perform better.


Objectives of coaching

Coaching teaches students how to:

  • organize themselves properly;
  • manage their time;
  • develop good note-taking skills;
  • follow proven study techniques;
  • improve their ability to remember;
  • prepare for exams efficiently;
  • keep their stress level under control;
  • clear their mind and concentrate;
  • deal with procrastination;
  • efficiently work in teams.

A student who is in crisis can obtain immediate professional help to:

  • talk about their situation;
  • sort out their feelings;
  • confide in someone.


To book an appointment with the coach: 

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Given at the Learning Center (Library)


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