Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ General


Who should I contact for financial aid?

How do I get an OPUS card with student discount?

Can I recharge my OPUS card at the college?

Who to contact for help with admissions?

When do I receive my schedule?

Does the college loan a computer, or do I need to bring my own?

Does the college help with finding an internship?

When does the fall semester start?

FAQ Admission


Is there a deadline to submit an application?

How to register for a program?

Do you accept international students?

Are admission and/or registration fees refundable if I cancel my application?

What are the next Open House dates?

Do you have student for a day?

How long does it take to review my file?

What is the admission process for an international student?

Do you have residences?

FAQ Programs


What is the difference between a regular DCS in Paralegal Technology and an accelerated DCS in Paralegal Technology?

What programs include an internship at the end?

Can I work directly after I finish my program?

Do you have programs that are not DCS?

Do you have night classes or week-end classes?

FAQ Services


Do you offer tutoring?

Can I have financial aid?

Does the school have a cafeteria?

What is a lifelong placement service?

Does the Collège offer personalized services for students?

Do you have a Student Life?