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310.CO - DCS Paralegal

Have you already completed the general education courses at the collegial level? Would you like to develop your skills in law and begin a career in this satisfying field? The Accelerated Paralegal Technology program is an excellent choice! In 2 years of courses that combine both theoretical and practical training, you will acquire the knowledge and skills required to work in the legal profession.


French and English


In person or online


1 710 hours


Fall and Winter


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Program description

Comprehensive educational experience that promotes excellence in your career.

We offer a specialized program with law courses that have been designed to facilitate your learning, develop your know-how and make you a highly qualified paralegal.

This Accelerated Paralegal Technology program prepares you to perform several functions in the legal fields such as commercial law, family law, criminal law, etc. You will be able to edit and submit files for analysis and research. For example, you will learn how to write pleadings, perform legal research and manage several other types of legal documents.

When you graduate you will be able to assist several types of legal professionals, and depending on the field you practice, assume different functions in your work. After obtaining your DCS in Paralegal Technology, you will also be able to pursue your studies in a university law faculty or become a bailiff by meeting the requirements of the professional association.

The Accelerated Paralegal Technology ends with a 525-hour internship in a company where you can apply the knowledge you acquire during your studies. This internship is a great way to start a career in law with confidence and peace of mind.

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The admission requirements

Have a Secondary School Diploma (SSD


Have a Secondary Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) including:

  1. Secondary V Language of Instruction;
  2. Secondary V Second Language;
  3. Secondary IV Mathematics.


Have an equivalent qualification for a person who has studied outside Quebec


Have an equivalent experience and qualifications and has interrupted his or her full-time studies for a period of at least 24 consecutive months


Must have completed all of their general education courses at another cegep in Québec.

To apply students must provide:

  • Admission form to be completed online;
  • High school transcript issued by the “Ministère de l’Éducation”;
  • Last post high school transcript;
  • Or equivalent issued by the “Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et Intégration du Québec”;
  • Certified birth certificate (long format issued by l’État civil);
  • Candidates born outside of Canada must submit documents proving their official status in Québec;

Application fees.

The Collège O’Sullivan de Montréal inc. operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applications are processed throughout the year. An applicant will usually be notified of the Admissions Committee’s decision within three weeks of his/her application during the registration period.

Are you ready to register?



Why O’Sullivan?

Computer laboratory training

Approach that offers theoretical and practical experience


Students learn terminology and procedures in french and english, making them better equipped for the market.

96% Placement rate

Our lifetime placement service allows you to benefit from our solid reputation within the legal community

100 years of excellence

Our diploma is highly valued due to the expertise of our qualified teachers, ensuring increased recognition and respect in the job market.”

Extracurricular activities related to the program

Visit to the Montreal Courthouse, oratorical debate club at school


A rewarding and captivating career awaits you!

Following this training, you will be able to enter directly into the job market. If you wish to pursue your studies, our program, which will provide you with a solid foundation, will also prepare you for your classes at a university law faculty (according to the conditions of each institution), or become a bailiff by meeting the requirements of the professional association.


  • Bankruptcy trustee, CSST
  • Business development centre
  • Corporate litigation department
  • Court of law
  • Documentation centre
  • Editor, school board
  • Financial institution
  • Government, municipality
  • Incorporation, advertising or market research facility
  • Insurance company
  • Labour union
  • Legal firms, notary offices, bailiffs
  • Professional order
  • Etc.

*PYGMA website (SRAM)

Job Prospects:

  • Bailiff (after having completed the Chambre des huissiers de justice du Québec program)
  • Compensation Officer
  • Court Clerk
  • Court Registrar
  • Fraud Investigator
  • Paralegal

Our Accelerated DCS in Paralegal Technology will allow you to pursue a career as a Paralegal in Criminal law, Commercial law, Family law, and more. As a Paralegal, you will be assigned files for analysis and research. For example, you will have to write pleadings and other types of legal documents.

Potential employers:

  • C.R.A.C. une division de ESC
  • Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité au travail (CNESST)
  • Directeur des poursuites criminelles et pénales (DPCP)
  • Grenier Gagnon Notaires
  • Juriglobal
  • La Fonction publique du Québec
  • Latraverse huissiers de justice
  • LegalLogik
  • Miller Thomson
  • Ministère de la Justice du Canada et du Québec
  • Palais de justice
  • Pharmascience
  • PME Inter Notaires
  • Sûreté du Québec
  • Tribunal administratif du Québec (TAQ)
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Course curriculum

Here is the course curriculum for the Accelerated DCS in Paralegal Technology.

Complete course curriculum

Program courses

Tuition fees

Tuition fees

Quebec student

Canadian student


I’m currently in my second year of the Accelerated Paralegal Technology Program and I am enjoying every minute of it. ​The professors are attentive and caring, and the administrative staff are extremely helpful to all needs. Amazing school! 🙂

Mariah Soilis

« I am currently enrolled in their Accelerated Paralegal Technology program and this College has truly opened my eyes to the field of law and the endless possibilities within it. The hired teachers are devoted to their students and want nothing else but their success. The atmosphere of the classrooms are always respectful and staff members are prepared to do everything they can to enhance the student experience! The administration is super helpful and friendly. Very approachable if you have any questions about the programs within the College or your career path upon graduation! They also ensure that the student life within the College is exceptional with different activities suggested for students. During the pandemic, the College did a fantastic job in ensuring that the students had the most positive experience in learning remotely and the teachers were very accommodating. Overall, a super experience! I would highly recommend the College for anyone looking to make their way in the legal field. »

Sara Derbel


Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the DCS in Accelerated Paralegal Technology

What is the difference between a regular DEC in paralegal technology and an accelerated DEC in paralegal technology?

Can I choose where I want to do my internship?

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