Learning Center

Students receive personalized academic support through a Help Center created to improve learning.


A personalized support



The Learning Center offers services to students who are experiencing learning difficulties in a subject specific to their program of study. Personalized services such as one-on-one meetings with professional tutors or peer tutoring are offered free of charge to students.

Registration for weekly meetings will allow you to work with a tutor to improve your language skills in French and/or English.

After your registration, a meeting schedule will be established. You can work with your tutor to achieve the goals you have set for yourself so you can focus on your own challenges and work at a pace that suits you.

The weekly meetings, which last approximately 45 minutes, will take place for 9 consecutive weeks. Your punctuality, your presence and your active participation are necessary to ensure the success of this approach.

By appointment

Help on a specific subject



By Appointment

If you would like only one or two meetings with a tutor in order to address a specific concern, such as writing a cover letter, improving mistakes made on a past test or assignment, learning a grammar rule, and so on, the Learning Center by Appointment is for you. You can also make an appointment for Computer Science, civil law or title exams.


Support from your peers in your learning

“Peer-To-Peer” Tutoring allows you to get help in a subject other than English or French in which you are experiencing difficulties. If you would like to receive help, you must ask whether your teacher or the coordinator of the Learning Center to be matched with a tutor that will be recommended by the teacher.

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Contact us

The coordinator, Soukaina Kadouri, is present at the Learning Center to answer your questions, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

You can also contact the coordinator by writing to skadouri@osullivan.edu, or by calling 514 866-4622, extension 117.

Room 100


Frequently asked questions

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