Collège O’Sullivan de Montréal inc. offers diverse DCS and ACS programs that allows you to start working immediately after completing them. All programs have an internship included at the end. Discover the program for you and start your journey with us.

4 programs


Are you passionate about the legal field, justice, legal procedures and research? We offer 4 programs in the legal field, to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge and integrate the job market after an internship period.

3 programs


If you love cinema, editing, images, sound, postproduction, and more, discover our 3 ACS programs which offer you complete training to enter the job market with recognized partners and immerse yourself in the world of media.

1 programme


You like administration, analysis and management? Discover our program which allows you to combine all these interests into a career in administration.

1 programme

Digital Commerce

You like marketing, administration, social networks and digital analysis? Discover our programs that allow you to build a career in this innovative field of marketing

2 programs

Computer Science

You like computing, network security, software and cybersecurity? Discover our programs that will allow you to become a specialist in your field, and enter the job market as an IT expert.

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