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DEC – 310.C0

Choose a career in commercial law, civil law and much more!

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Choose the O’Sullivan College of Montreal experience, where we have been teaching Paralegal Technology for over 25 years! We offer a specialized program with law courses that have been designed to facilitate your learning, develop your know-how and make you a highly qualified Paralegal. This 3-year DCS specialized in Paralegal Technology enables you to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to work in the legal field. When you graduate you will be able to assist several types of legal professionals, and depending on the field you practice, assume different functions in your work. After obtaining your DCS in Paralegal Technology, you will also be able to pursue your training in a university law faculty or take a 5-week course to train to become a bailiff.

During your college training you will also participate in a fifteen-week (525 hours) internship in a company such as a law firm. Through our extensive network of partners, O’Sullivan College of Montreal will be able to assist you in your search for an internship.

Course software: Windows, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, Soquij, Quicklaw, Juris Concept / Juris Évolution, La référence, etc.
Target degree: DCS in Paralegal Techonology - 310.CO
Bilingual program and special projects.

Admission criteria

- Application Fee 50 $*
- Registration Fee 200 $*

Fees per semester:
- Tuition Fees 1 920 $
- General Services 60 $*
- Student Activities 20 $*
- Total 2 000 $


Additional tuition fees per semester will be imposed on Canadian students who are considered non-residents of Quebec.

All information about tuition fees

- Application Fee 100 $*
- Registration Fee 250 $*

Fees per semester:
- Tuition Fees 5500 $
- General Services 60 $*
- Student Activities 20 $*
- Total 5580 $


It is essential that international students obtain a study permit before leaving their country.

All information about tuition fees for international students


At O’Sullivan College your training in Paralegal Technology is not limited to the study of law. To better prepare you for the Montreal job market you will follow French as a Second Language courses during your three-year program. You will be able to attend a course in French starting in the second semester. After that you will be able to perfect your bilingualism each session with other students enrolled in the DCS in Paralegal Technology by working as a team in French. In order to comply with the needs of the labour market and the directives of the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur, you will learn how to:
- Read second-language doctrine and jurisprudence
- Learn basic writing skills in a second language
- Carry out bilingual research


In order to bring together your theoretical and practical knowledge of law, our DCS in Paralegal Technology is also supported by many training hours in a computer laboratory. Using various software, such as Juris Concept / Juris Évolution, you will gain efficiency in several areas of law, such as civil procedure, computer assisted legal research, corporate law or real estate law research.


With the constant aim of offering you a complete training, the DCS in Paralegal Technology from O’Sullivan College includes the simulation of a legal dispute. This special project is prepared by students during the course of Legal Procedures Practicum in the fifth semester.

You will also participate in extracurricular activities related to your DCS in Paralegal Technology. You will have the opportunity to visit the Palais de justice de Montréal (Montreal Courthouse) and attend a trial. As part of the Legal Research course a visit to the library of a law firm is also planned.


Our DCS in Paralegal Technology will allow you to pursue a career as a Paralegal in criminal law, commercial law, family law, immigration law, civil law, administrative law, notary law and even real estate law. As a Paralegal, you will be assigned files for analysis and research. For example, you will have to write pleadings and other types of legal documents. You might also attend meetings with clients and assist lawyers in court trials. In short, our training will open doors for you and allow you to accomplish your most ambitious goals!


- Borden Ladner Gervais
- Blake Cassels & Graydon
- Couche-Tard
- C.R.A.C.
- Davies
- Dentons
- Fasken Martineau
- Gowling
- Groupe MTY
- Hainault Gravel
- Ivanhoé Cambridge
- Langlois
- Lapointe Rosenstein Marchand Melançon
- Lavery
- LegalLogik
- Marque d'Or, une société Thomson Reuters
- McCarthy Tétrault
- McMillan
- Me Jacques Znaty
- Miller Thomson
- Ministère de la Justice du Canada
- Ministère de la Justice du Québec
- Palais de justice
- Paquette & Ass.
- Robic
- Robinson Sheppard Shapiro
- Silver Sandiford
- Smart & Biggar
- Sûreté du Québec
- Stikeman Elliott
- Transcontinental
- and many others…


Administrative Law (45 h)
Civil Law I (75 h)
Civil Law II (75 h)
Civil Law III (60 h)
Civil Law IV (45 h)
Civil Law V (45 h)
Civil Procedures I (60 h)
Civil Procedures II (60 h)
Commercial Law (45 h)
Computer-Assisted Legal Research (60 h)
Corporate Law (60 h)
Criminal Law I (45 h)
Drafting of Deeds (45 h)
Drafting of Legal Procedures (45 h)
Internship* (525 h)
Introduction to the Work Function (45 h)
Labor Legislation and Procedures (45 h)
Legal Procedures Practicum (45 h)
Legal Research (75 h)
Penal Procedure (45 h)
Software I / Paralegal (45 h)
Software II / Paralegal (60 h)
Title Search (45 h)

Complementary courses
Practical Software Applications / Paralegal (45 h)
Specialized Legal Procedures in French (45 h)

General education:
The general education includes 2 courses in French as a second language, as well as the mandatory courses which are 3 courses in Humanities, 4 courses in Literature and 3 courses in Physical Education.

N.B. : The College reserves the right to modify this program without advance notice.

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