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O’Sullivan College offers you a comprehensive medical records training program in Montreal. During your studies, you will gain all the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage the health information required for patient care, administration, research and education. The curriculum, which includes a unique combination of medical, computer, and business courses, leads to an exciting career in healthcare whether you wish to work in hospitals, local community service centre (CLSC) or private corporations. Upon completion of this three-year program, you will receive a Diploma of Collegial Studies (DCS) recognized by the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA) and the Association des Gestionnaires de l'information de santé du Québec (AGISQ). This recognition allows graduates to write the CHIMA exam in order to be able to work anywhere in Canada.

To better prepare you for your career as a medical record technician, this program includes two internships during the last year of your studies. On top of giving you hands-on experience, these internships allow you to develop your professional skills in real work environments. Rest assured that O’Sullivan College will assist you in your search of internships.

Course Software: Windows, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, ICD-10-CA, Registre en oncologie, CCI, Clinibase, Med-Echo Plus, I-CLSC, Impromptu, Registre de traumatologie, X-DRG (explorateur), Document.
Diploma sought: DCS in Medical Records – DEC-411.AO


Admission criteria

Medical Records - 411.A0
- Application Fee 50 $*
- Registration Fee 200 $*

Fees per semester:
- Tuition Fees 1 920 $
- General Services 60 $*
- Student Activities 20 $*
- Total 2 000 $


Additional tuition fees per semester will be imposed on Canadian students who are considered non-residents of Quebec.

All information about tuition fees

Medical Records - 411.A0
- Application Fee 100 $*
- Registration Fee 250 $*

Fees per semester:
- Tuition Fees 5500 $
- General Services 60 $*
- Student Activities 20 $*
- Total 5580 $


It is essential that international students obtain a study permit before leaving their country.

All information about tuition fees for international students

Objectives of the Medical Records program

Leading directly to an exciting career in healthcare, this program allows you to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to be a successful medical records technician. You will master the techniques and the skills to effectively manage the health information required for patient care, administration, research and education. Indeed, upon completion of your program, you will be an expert in managing the information contained in patients’ medical records and ensuring the confidentiality of this information. The program will prepare you to perform the variety of tasks that are required of medical records technicians, such as ensuring that all medical records are complete, coding illnesses and treatments, generating statistics from medical records data, applying the Access to Information Act and the Act respecting health services and social services that pertain to all medical records, cooperating with researchers in regard to epidemiological studies and representing the institution you work for in courts of law. Finally, your internships will provide you with the hands-on experience and real work skills that help you build a successful career.


Medical records technicians can work in a variety of environments, including hospitals, local community service centres (CLSC), regional health and service boards, hospital centres for long-term care, polyclinics, government agencies, private corporations, insurance companies, medical records consulting firms and coroner’s office.


- Centre de réadaptation MAB-Mackay
- CHU Ste-Justine
- Cité de la santé de Laval
- Institut de cardiologie
- Jewish General Hospital
- Lakeshore Hospital
- McGill University Health Centre
- Saint-Mary's Hospital
- Sacré-Coeur Hospital
- Ste-Anne Hospital Veterans Affairs Canada
- CBC Radio-Canada Safety and Environment
- Logibec
- Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont
- Hôpital Général de Hawkesbury (Ontario)
- Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre
- Institut de Réadaptation en Déficience Physique de Québec
- CHUM - and many others…


Access to Information (75 h)
Administrative Data Processing (60 h)
Analysis of Health Records and Committees (75 h)
Analysis of Socio-Psychological Phenomena in CLSCs (45 h)
Clinical Medicine I (60 h)
Clinical Medicine II (60 h)
Clinical Medicine III (60 h)
Clinical Medicine IV (60 h)
Epidemiology (60 h)
Human Biology I (60 h)
Human Biology II (60 h)
Internship I – Hospital – CLSC – CHSLD (270 h)
Internship II – Hospital – CLSC – CHSLD (270 h)
Interpersonal Relations in the Work Environment (45 h)
Introduction to the Work of a Health Records Technician (45 h)
Medical Records Coding I (45 h)
Medical Records Coding II (45 h)
Medical Terminology (45 h)
Oncology (45 h)
Preparing Medico-Administrative Reports (45 h)
Preparing Socio-Medical Studies (45 h)
Processing Administrative and Medical Documents (45 h)
Specialized Computer Applications (45 h)
Specialized Registers (45 h)
Statistics Concepts for Medical Records (60 h)
The Medical Records Technician in Specialized Environments (90 h)
The Medical Records Technician – Management (45 h)

Complementary Courses
Advanced Software Integration (45 h)
How to Read a Medical Record in French (45 h)

Within the program of study, students will complete two internships : thirteen weeks in a hospital centre and two weeks in a local community service centre (CLSC) or other services. O'Sullivan College ensures that every student confirm their internships.

General education :
The general education includes 2 courses in French as a second language, as well as mandatory courses which are 3 courses in Humanities, 4 courses in Literature and 3 courses in Physical Education.

N.B. :The College reserves the right to modify this program without advance notice.

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